Is GW1516 The Solution To The Cyclists Problems?

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Cycling is one sport where endurance is the key to victory. With long stretches of distance to cover, one needs to have the ability to persist even when all means have been exhausted. This is why various studies are being undertaken to help discover the solution to this ancient problem of running endurance, not only to cyclists, but to other sports enthusiasts as well.

A new substance was accidentally discovered to be the possible solution to this malady. gw1516 was initially investigated by GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) as a wonder drug to combat obesity. It was called as exercise in a pill as it promised to produce the effects of exercise without actually doing the action. By simply taking the pill, one would enjoy the benefits of the exercise.

However, in the process of the research, Ronald M. Evans also discovered that the mice that were administered with GW1516 were able to double their running endurance compared to other mice that were not treated. This means one thing to the athletes – increased endurance.

gw1516How is this possible? Evans and his team from the Howard Hughes Medical Centre and Salk Institute were able to note the effects of GW1516 on a particular gene. This gene is the one responsible for the development of muscles. As an agonist to PPARDD (Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors-delta) gene, GW1516 could modify cell functions and cause the fibers of muscles to contract more. This means that there would be increased ability to last longerin activities that require use of muscles, such as cycling, running or jogging. It seems like a real breakthrough for the world of sports enthusiasts.

However, that enthusiasm was cut short. The experiment turned sour when the same lab mice that were injected with large doses of this substance developed numerous tumors and cancers on different organs such as liver, kidneys, thyroid, skin, to name just a few. GSK immediately halted all clinical testing and researches. The duration of the study was short but the results were enough for the company to abandon the study.

The promise of exercise in a pill may have been cut short but the promise of double endurance for athletes remained with them. So, even though the drug was not given any approval by any organization or government agency anywhere in the world, some athletes opted to use it during competitions.

How can the athletes avail of this substance? Well, it is actually freely and legally available for sale as a supplement or a reagent to help biochemical researches. Unfortunately, many people took advantage of this freedom and acquired the substance and used for human consumption. Online retailers can be seen selling this product under the category of body building supplements.

WADA issued a warning on the dangers of consuming this substance to boost performance in sports. Still, the use of this substance was rampant. Fortunately a new system was attained to detect the presence of this substance through urine exam. Where previously there was no means of testing athletes for this drug, today, many were already caught and sanctioned for using this even though it was banned for use. The urine test could even confirm the use of the drug even after 40 days of administration of a single dose.

One would wonder why some cyclists would take the risk of consuming this substance. Probably, the athletes were willing to take the risk as no final conclusion was made on its effects on human. The mice suffered those consequences however there were no proofs that it could happen to man as well.

Still, WADA is firm in its stand of how unsafe this substance is. All measures are being taken to ensure that its use would not be continued. So, is this the solution to the cyclists’ endurance problem? For now, it is not.

The Popularity of Slap Custom Rubber Wristbands

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Many organizations today distribute wristbands to introduce the cause they’re supporting. With companies offering custom rubber wristbands, every organization or company can have the right bands according to requirements.

But more than just regular wristbands, slap wristbands are making a comeback nowadays.

What are Slap Wristbands?

Slap wristbands are like “unfinished” regular wristbands. Unlike conventional wristbands, slap wristbands are like thin long pieces of aluminum. Quite very popular in the 80s and the 90s, users need to slap this band on their wrists. The aluminum piece will then wrap itself on the wearer’s wrist, instantly transforming it into a wristband.

In the past, these wristbands are mere aluminum pieces with soft covers to keep the main metallic material from cutting the skin. Since it clings itself to the wrist, there’s no need for additional locking mechanisms to its them in place. Nowadays, you can get these slap wristbands and use them for your organization.

What Differences Come with Them Today?

The return of these custom rubber wristbands marked several changes or improvements beneficial for users. Gone are the days of using cushioned cloth as covering for the aluminum pieces as they are now embedded in silicone rubber, making them more comfortable to wear daily.

Another difference is the type of silicone rubber as covering and aluminum material. Both of these materials are medical-grade, which means they won’t cause negative skin reactions when worn. Furthermore, this quality makes them more durable regardless of how long they’ve been worn.

Designing them just like Regular Wristbands?

custom rubber wristbandsSilicone material used for conventional custom rubber wristbands gives way to more flexible design options for today’s slap wristbands. Clients can choose from a wide array of design options that will emphasize the client’s message or cause.

Even in having aluminum, clients can choose from different text placement options like silkscreen printing or debossing. The availability of different silicone colors are also available that allow clients to customize them according to specific requirements. Every information and detail is placed on the orders to come up with the best wristbands supporters can wear.

Other Functions and Benefits

Slap custom rubber wristbands come with many benefits such as being able to fit every wrist size. Gone are the days of extremely loose wristbands because they will wrap around the wrist and stay in place regardless of the wrist size. Their perfect fit makes them ideal accessories that do more than show support for a specific cause.

Some clients want to provide additional function for these wristbands. Hence, they place ruler lines at the backside of the wristband. Whenever they are not wearing the accessory, they can use them as emergency rulers for measuring paper or other materials. These measurements are accurate because they are patterned on the standard rulers used today.

Finally, silicone rubber used on these wristbands is soft and thick, which means they are comfortable to wear daily.

Ordering Process

Nowadays, ordering slap wristbands is easy as order details can be placed through the company’s order form. Various details like sizes, texts, logos and colors can be customized according to the client’s preferences. Even with the additional materials, buyers are guaranteed to get their wristbands on time. Clients can also obtain quotes easily online to ensure they can prepare their budget first before completing their orders.

Overall, slap custom rubber wristbands are now gaining popularity decades after they were introduced. With today’s technology and expert makers, clients can get the best wristbands to distribute for organization members or introducing a cause. If you need these bands, simply contact a reliable service provider to guarantee your orders will be processed on time.

Benefits of Using Award Pins

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Top companies around the world acknowledge that the best resources they have are their employees. Most companies recognize team and individual efforts and take extra care to show appreciation for a job well done. A well thought-of reward system often brings favourable results in the employees by:

•Providing them a fair exchange or reward for their efforts.

•Serving as motivation for work improvement.

•Giving them a tangible view of what the company values and deems important.

award pinsAward pins are but one of the ways that businesses bestow honour to their workforce. Not only are these pins inexpensive, these can be customized in various ways, according to the company’s preferences. There are a variety of styles and materials to choose from and each one is very unique and distinctive. Some of the pins are embossed, made of hard and soft enamel, etched, silk screened, or sculpt cast. These also serve as good tools for brand awareness to promote the product of the company. These pins are also small enough to carry and can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender. Large companies with big budgets often opt for pins made of precious stones, metals or gems. But the simpler styles are still popular choices for most corporations with limited funds.

Award pins with the logo of the company is a smart way not only to advertise their business, but also to provide a good morale boost to any employee who deserves the honor. These pins are often given to individuals who excel in their profession and go the extra mile to serve their customers. Bestowing these pins can highlight their employees’ achievements and strengthens a company’s commitment to professionalism and hard work. Award pins also encourage poor performers to improve and strive harder to get rewarded as well. These awards reinforce good behaviour and can be springboards for improvements in the workplace.

Providing a token reward can also be meaningful if employees have a hand in designing the merit system. When people are involved in the creation and administration of a recognition program, it will give more credibility. Company personnel will know what they need to do to be rewarded. Likewise, they are also clear on how their peers will earn theirs. This will strengthen legitimacy and respect for all. It ensures that everyone in the company can receive such an honour if they work hard for it.

Award pins are excellent tools to improve and care for the self-esteem of employees. People naturally respond to feedbacks that are positive, realistic, and specific. These help in the way they see their efforts, potential, and accomplishments in light of company goals. It’s also essential that when employees rise up to the challenge, efforts will be rewarded and recognized by everyone.

There are indeed a lot of ways that employees can be rewarded. Cash rewards are not the only tangible means foe companies can recognize a valued employee. Award pins, plaques, and certificates are just some of that individuals are recognized for their exemplary efforts. In addition, many ace performers can also be given an increase in job responsibility, flexibility in work schedules, extra time off at work, a choice of preferred assignments, lessening of supervision, among others.

It’s important that employees feel that the reward that he or she is receiving is for the effort of working hard and getting expected results. It is an effort beyond what is expected of any employee. The reward itself should be recognized and esteemed not only by superiors, but their peers as well. Only then can a company’s reward system reap the full benefits in terms of productivity and employee morale.

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Golf Shoes

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The result of your game is affected by the kind of golf shoes you wear. Your shoes also affect your swinging positions. If you haven’t succeeded in golf, perhaps it’s time to think about your shoes and get new ones.

Styles of Golf Shoes

A golf shoe is available in four styles: sandal style, boot style, classic style, and street style. Sandal-style shoes let you golf in warm climates. They’re cheap because they don’t protect your feet from rain, snow, and wind. They also don’t keep your feet from slipping or sliding. Boot-style shoes are expensive because they keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable.

Classic-style shoes let you golf in cold climates, warm climates, or both. The price of these shoes depends on their construction material. Classic-style shoes with leather are usually expensive. Classic-style shoes with synthetic material are typically cheap. These shoes may have a narrower toe tip.

Street-style shoes don’t have a heel. They’re usually waterproof and are manufactured from leather or synthetic leather. Younger golfers can wear them because they look like sneakers.

Cleaning Process of the Shoes

A golf shoe should be cleaned with a white cloth that’s damp with a solution of warm water and mild soap. The mild soap can be replaced with a gentle laundry detergent.

Drying Process of the Shoes

A golf shoe should completely dry at room temperature. Stuffing it with cotton towel, newspaper, or cedar shoe trees can also dry the shoe. The newspaper should be changed every 8-10 hours until the shoe becomes dry.

Size of the Shoes

Your feet will get blisters and abrasions if you wear shoes that are too narrow. This usually happens to people who wear shoes that are narrow at the toes. Your feet will get abrasions if you wear shoes that are too wide. Your feet should have enough space to move freely in the shoes.

Weight of the Shoes

Unlike lightweight shoes, heavy shoes can tire your feet if you’ve been playing golf for a long time.

Comfort of Golf Shoes

A golf shoes may have a cushion in the insole or the midsole. The insole may contain a thick padding or gel so that you won’t acquire foot problems. Foot problems include blistering, calluses, and abrasions. The midsole may contain soft foam so that your feet won’t become too tired. There should be waterproof lining in the golf shoe to allow perspiration to escape.

You should be able to make different feet positions while trying the shoes in a store. You can stand on one foot at a time or stand on your toes while trying on the shoes. The middle portion of the shoes must stretch overtime if it feels tight for the first time. You should also able to wiggle your toes as you’re in a swinging position.

Spikes of Golf Shoes

golf shoesA golf shoe comes in two kinds of spikes: rubber and metal. Rubber spikes don’t clack as you walk on hard and flat surfaces. They don’t tear authentic and artificial grass from the ground. They also grip onto wet and flat surfaces to prevent slipping.

Metal spikes allow shoes to grip further into the soil. They may make your legs or feet ache if you wear them for too long.

A golf shoe may have long spikes, short spikes, or longer spikes. Soil is gripped by long spikes. Artificial grass or real grass is gripped by short spikes. Soft soil is gripped by longer spikes.

Avoid wearing the shoes on the pavement as much as possible so that the spikes won’t become damaged.

Always prioritize the comfort of your feet before the other factors when it comes to golf shoes. Make sure that your shoes help you make a good swinging position.

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