The History of Circuit Boards

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Printed circuit boards, which are also known as the printed wiring cards or printed wiring boards, physically connect two or more electronic components together. These are parts of an electronic device which create a circuit in order for the electronic device to work. Printed circuit boards are usually found in computers, like the mother board for an example. They can also be found in other electronic devices such as a mobile phone, a television, a calculator, an electronic wristwatch, a tablet or just simply any device which runs using electricity.

When Did It Start?

The printed circuit boards started as early as the year 1900s. In 1925, Charles Duncan, created an electronic pattern directly printed onto an insulated board. This was improved after the Second World War, by the year 1943, when Paul Eisler was able to build a fully functional printed circuit board.

Before printed circuit boards were developed, the point-to-point construction was used first. People used wires to connect each electronic device together. However, devices which were made to work using this method were usually big and bulky in size and users are usually experiencing device breakdown. Once the device breakdowns, repair is needed and this repair usually requires replacement of the wires or the connecting sockets of the circuit board. During these times, the wires are usually weak and upon insulating electricity, these wires wear down, which causes the device to short circuit.

Printed circuit boardsBy the year 1920s, most radios and gramophones took advantage of circuit boards. To prevent the devices from experiencing short circuit, woods were used to fit the device to rivet the circuit board.

The printed circuit boards were highly regarded and highly improved during the years 1950s to 1960s. Some patents were made in order to give enhancement in the design and efficiency of the circuit boards. At first, the circuits were printed on one side of the circuit board. Eventually, multi layered circuit boards were invented, wherein a lot of circuits can be directly printed onto one circuit board.

How Does It Work?

Most circuit boards are made of conductive material, usually copper. A thin foil of copper is etched onto the board. All lines and connections of the circuit board are designed to reach and connect with the electronic component properly to prevent any possible issues. These patterns are done on both sides of the board. However, to create cheaper ones, the pattern is printed on one side only, particularly at the bottom.

A printed circuit board have a hole where you can place any electronic component wiring by inserting it through the hole and then soldering it to keep it in place, either by hand or through the use of a soldering machine. The hole, where the electronic component is placed, has a copper ring (also known as the annular ring). For some printed circuit board, you need to connect two or more boards in order to make it work. There will also be some times when the circuit board needs to be cut in places (either by v-score or mouse bite cut, both cuts are partial cuts on the board) so they can easily fit in place.

In order to protect the copper paths which makes the circuit, the circuit board will be placed with a solder mask. The solder mask gives the circuit board the common green color. It protects the circuit and prevents any solder jumper to break apart the circuit. Some components in the circuit board are not put in by holes. Some components have slots for parts which are not round in shape.

Lastly, a silk screen is used to provide a label for each electronic component. This is to ensure that anyone who will be looking at the circuit board will be able to recognize the parts easily.

Key Features to Look for in a Reliable Dedicated servers Company

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Website owners aiming for business expansion and stability find their perfect match with dedicated servers. This server runs in a virtual environment, which offers a secure storage site for website files and stable performance. However, not all virtual private servers are created equal. Here are the features that describe a reliable server.

Wide Array of Scalable Packages

Any experienced website owner would advise beginning site owners to look for a server that grows with their businesses or requirements. A reliable server provider should offer a wide array of packages that suit every client’s needs in promoting their businesses. Basic features must include good storage capacity, generous bandwidth limit, total root access, and many more. Additionally, the server provider should have available upgrade packages or add-ons, so clients can upgrade immediately. This gives website owners an edge because their server requirements will make them more competitive in their respective niches.

Control Panel Availability

dedicated serversThe control panel serves as the access point for every server program and folder. Invest in a server provider that offers control panel with its dedicated servers package. This keeps clients from installing the control panel on their own. Having a pre-installed control panel means the server is ready to use for building websites or creating SharePoint sites needed for distributing documents.

Apart from control panel, the hosting company should also offer different control panel types to meet users’ preferences.

Free Domain Name

Offering free domain with the package means savings in obtaining server packages. It also saves clients from looking for another company where they can purchase domains. Availability of free domain means users can have their domains on the spot and avoid competing with others who are after the same domain name.

Reliable Uptime

A reliable uptime percentage is around 99 percent throughout the whole year. Don’t settle for a dedicated servers offering lower uptime because there’s a high chance of frequent server inaccessibility. This implies high probability of missed business transactions online.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited bandwidth means continuous data transfer from the server to the visitors’ web browser. Some companies extend limited bandwidth, which causes website inaccessibility. Adding to the disadvantage is the probability of incurring overage bandwidth charges that add to monthly server expenses. In most cases, overage charges are more expensive than the actual plan, which is a pain for every host client.

Transparent Pricing

A trustworthy dedicated servers company lays out all the information when it comes to pricing. Plan rates, bandwidth overage fees, upgrade fees, and others must be stated clearly on its website to assure clients that they are not paying for any hidden fees.

Enhanced Security Features

A VPS is more secured than shared servers. However, it must have additional security features to guarantee files saved are safe from potential hackers. VPS providers often have security tools available for clients, but they can also recommend additional software or plugins that protect servers from malicious activities and threats. Since the company only recommends security add-ons, it will emphasize those technical inquiries for the programs must be directed to the program developer or vendor.

Free All-Day Technical and Customer Support

Server problems may occur anytime. A good VPS company should have round-the-clock support for its clients experiencing these issues. Apart from technical support availability, the company must also have various means of supporting customers. These include support through phone, email, chat, helpdesk, and trouble ticket. Online knowledgebase can also be helpful for advanced server users who want to solve server issues on their own.

Look for these characteristics and you’ll be directed to a reliable dedicated servers provider. Compare plan packages as well to ensure savings. Also, verify every information read online before settling for a package to prevent headaches brought by mediocre VPS companies.

Buyer’s Guide for Getting Custom Trading Pins

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Getting custom trading pins require time and a lot of effort especially during the trading season for Little League baseball and other trading events. Even companies that order custom trading pins for conferences and functions consider the amount of manufacturing process that is required when making one.

Trading pins have become an integral part in a lot of sports associations, youth organizations, companies, and schools. Organizers order and distribute custom-made trading pins that bear their logo and slogan for different reasons:

• They provide corporate identity to employees

• They serve as merits to workers who deserve recognition

• They are considered great awards for contests and events.

• They promote sportsmanship and camaraderie among pin traders in sporting events.

• They are considered as unique collectible items or gifts to loved ones.

When ordering custom trading pins, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration so you’ll know that you’ll be satisfied with the product. A trading pin or a lapel pin can’t be done overnight. There is a critical process that manufacturers go through in order to assure that their customers will be happy with their orders.

Here are a few factors that you need to plan before ordering your trading pins:

1. Design. This is the most important factor as the design of the trading pin represents your company or the organization. Choose a design that will appeal to a lot of people and will display your vision. You need to consider the placement of the logo and make sure that the fonts are readable and eligible even with a small-sized pin.

2. Size. This is also important because when it comes to trading pins, bigger is better. When opting for medium-sized pin, you should note the design and text. It’s awkward to have a large trading pin with very minimal details on it and vice versa. Choose a size that will also go with the theme of your event. For sports and little leagues, bigger is cool. For companies and conferences, a small lapel pin is enough.

3. Color. The color is what makes people become attracted to the trading pin. In trading events, colorful or even glittery trading pins are the ones that are being sought out by collectors because they’re catchy and unique. The most important thing in choosing a color is determining what best represents your organization and what pops.

custom trading pins4. Trading Pin Style. There are several pin styles that you can choose from although it’s best if you can ask an artist what style will best suit your design. Some of the most common trading pin styles are the soft enamel pin, Cloisonné lapel pin, die struck pin, and the 3D cast trading pins.

Soft enamel pins are popular among companies and organizations because they are simple and attractive. They are good for multiple orders because they are very pocket-friendly and durable. Die struck pins are more antique-looking and they are good for people who want a vintage feel to their pins. The die struck process doesn’t use much color because the style is more metal-on-metal. 3D cast pins are also gaining popularity among fans of custom trading pins because they have a multifaceted design and layer that give the pins a multi-dimensional look.

5. Add-Ons. Formal organizations don’t usually put add-ons on their pins but for sports events and youth orgs, cool add-ons are a must. There are several add-ons that give uniqueness to trading pins so they’ll become more trade-able and catchy to traders. Some of the most requested add-ons are danglers, sliders, spinners, bobble head, and blinkers.

When getting custom trading pins, it’s important to order weeks before your target date because the manufacturing process is critical. Trading pin manufacturers offer assistance and design collaboration to their customers so the process will be quicker and easier.

Why Choose Movable Cubicles when Moving?

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When you plan to move to another location or if you want to deliver your things, you will find movable cubicles useful for you rather than get a rental truck. Many families have already used these portable storage containers owned by storage companies. This article will tell you the advantages of choosing such containers.

When people deliver their things to another area, problems they encounter include not knowing how to drive a big truck or lack of a driver’s license. Of course, they can hire someone to drive the truck but it would be a lot more convenient and easier if they just rent moving cubicles. The storage company can take the storage unit to your house and with additional cost or maybe even for a free, they can store your things for you. Afterwards, they will transport the storage unit to the place you will move to. This will save you from storing your possessions on the truck by yourself which can be very tiring, time-consuming and injury-prone.

moving cubiclesWhen you move to another country, you will really need portable storage containers because it would be costly for you to take your things on an airplane. In addition, you are only allowed a certain amount of weight to take with you. The storage company will easily transport the storage units to the other side of the ocean and right on your doorstep easily and quickly. The company will deliver the storage unit to your house and then they can help you in storing your things. Afterwards, they will ship the unit to the country where you will move to. This is a lot more trouble-free than stuffing your things in your suitcases and taking them with you to the airport.

Sometimes, moving to another place can bring you some problems you did not expect to encounter. For example, your new house may not be readily available for you to occupy upon your arrival. This means you need to stay in another place until such time you can live in your new house. So while you stay in a friend’s home or in a hotel, your things can be stored in movable cubicles and the storage company can just deliver them on the appropriate date to your new house. Even if you do not move anywhere at all, you can still use these storage units if you need additional storage space which your house does not have.

There are people who do not like to hire moving companies when moving to another city, state or country. This is because the company gives them such a short time to pack and load because they need their moving trucks immediately as they have other clients to attend to. If you do not want to experience the stress of having limited time while moving, you can really find portable storage units useful. The storage company will deliver to your house the unit and then they will give you enough time to pack and load your items. Your possessions will be loaded the way you want minus the worry of a tight schedule.

Having portable storage units can also give you flexibility especially when you are transferring to a house without an extra room for some of your things. Instead of giving your possessions away, just store them in these storage units until you renovate your new house and have a storage room built inside. These units are also useful when you are renovating your house and you need an area to place your things for the meantime.

When you are moving to a new house or when you are fixing your current one, these movable cubicles will surely come in handy for you.

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