Good, Bad and Ugly Backlinks To Consider For SEO

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There are a lot of different ways that you work with search engine optimization. You could either hire someone to do it for you on a professional level, or you can hack and slash your way to more attention on your own. It’s best to hire someone that knows what they are doing to implement certain components to your site and outside of your page as well. This may take a little bit of time, but I will pay off in the long term. The main pieces to proper SEO implementation include onsite link distribution, navigation, load times, code design, and offsite backlink generation.

backlinksThe hardest thing to implement when it comes to search engine optimization is that of backlinks. You will find that there are good, bad and ugly methods that can be employed to do this. Most companies will not outright tell you how they do it, and some companies will be forthright about their practices. You will find that most of them don’t really care about the method that is used, as you can easily find packages as low as a few bucks for hundreds of links and submissions.

If you’re not sure what any of the good or bad backlink options look like, consider the following carefully.

The Worst Type of Linking Strategy

When you’re looking online for SEO firms, you will find that there are a lot of companies that say they are number one. When you go and hire them, they are going to offer you something very strange. They will give you cookie cutter solutions, some of which will give you hundreds of links, content submissions, articles, and more. After they have gone ahead and worked for you, they will deliver a report with a long list of links that your page is getting attached to. If you see hundreds of pages and URL’s that have nothing to do with your niche, or even foreign language sites, you have been had.

The worst type of links are the ones that are coming from dead, dormant, and irrelevant pages. This is a standard practice amongst cheap SEO firms, and individuals that are just starting out with internet marketing.

A Better Kind of Link

There are some better links that you can get generated, and they start with paying a little more for optimization services. The better type, albeit marginal, could be found with .edu .gov links. There are a lot of government pages, education pages, and more. These are ranked high for information and can link out to several different pages. These better types can give you a little bit of a push, but don’t expect miracles from them. You want to balance these links well with more prominent strategies, and don’t rely solely on them for your traffic. It’s best to have a combination of different marketing practices overall, so that you are not relying on just one avenue of promotional consideration.

The Best Type of Backlinks are Hard To Get

Regardless of how you procure this type, you will find that there are some links you absolute want. These are from top notch sites in your niche, and they are often times not paid for and not solicited. If you create a quality website full of content, and you gain authority and reverence in your industry, outsiders will link to you. When a top name links to your site and gives you praise, your page rank overall will rise. Getting this type of link is tough. Some professional companies can bridge the gap for you, but overall, it’s a bit harder to marginalize this.

Generating interest in any type of website is tough. You could pay a lot of money for it through PPC campaigns, or you could do it slowly with the help of proper optimization techniques. Just remember, this is a long term investment, and not something that should be rushed.

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Good, Bad and Ugly Backlinks To Consider For SEO

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